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Abstract Flame
Portraits of Solitude (2024)

Portraits of Solitude is a one act absurdist dramedy about Amara, a writer during COVID-19 lockdown, attempting to finish her novel. The voices in her head and the character from her novel come alive to have a chaotic conversation discussing everything from Amara’s personal fears and existential crisis to the state of the world to what it means to be an artist in the modern world.

Playing at Vancouver Fringe Festival 2024​

Granville Island - September 5-15

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Starring Alethea Sholomenko, Tanya Jade, Marnie Mahannah, James Cowley, Siobhan Connors, Pat Moonie 

Written and directed by Sunny Mohajer

Stage Manager  Emma Graveson

Set Design by Sunny Mohajer

Lighting Design by Andrew Chu

Art by Andrew Oliver

Graphic Design by Gaby Ceja

Sound Design by Andrew Dixon

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